Century 21 Professional Realtors is a one stop, full service broker for landlords. Our North Jersey Property Management team fulfills all the owner’s obligations at a price so low you will wonder why you waited so long to hire us.

What does Century 21 Professional Realtors do?
Strategically Market your investment and procure a tenant

What does North Jersey Property Management do?

  • Collect your rent
  • Hire trusted vendors to do all the work
  • Pay the bills
  • Send you the balance

What do YOU do?
Sit back and collect the profit!

How easy is that?

Ok, you are thinking, that sounds good, but how do I know Century 21 Professional is doing all they can to bring me a tenant that will pay their rent in full, on time, every time?

Century 21 Professional Realtors and our landlord clients have a common goal – A Quality Tenant! It makes our job easier and you, our clients, happier! To that end, North Jersey Property Management screens applicants thoroughly. In order to be accepted a tenant must:

  • Pass a four pronged background check that includes:
    • Criminal history
    • Eviction History
    • National Sex Offender Check
    • Credit History
  • Provide proof of income
  • Be interviewed – tell us what we will find in your credit history
  • Explain their residential/rental history
  • Pay the security deposit in full, in certified funds
  • Pay the first month’s rent in advance, in certified funds
  • Pay the realtors’ fee in accordance with the lease negotiated with the owner, in certified funds, NO EXCEPTIONS

Once a tenant has been procured, North Jersey Property Management and its staff of local professionals goes to work. Each month we will…

  • Collect your rent
  • Pay your regular vendor bills including
    • Landscaping
    • Seasonal services
    • Pool Service
    • Snow removal
  • Field repair and maintenance requests from tenants
  • Procure vendors to perform repairs and maintenance as required
  • Disburse the balance into your bank account by electronic funds transfer.

And it’s all automated!

At North Jersey Property Management our job is to make the landlord tenant relationship as easy and amiable as possible. And we do our job very well by providing…

  • Electronic lease signing capabilities for both owners and tenants through Digital Software
  • Tenant options to pay their rent online using credit card or ACH or to pay in person, or utilize our 24/7 drop box.
  • 24/7 access to leases, vendor invoices, statements, contracts, repair and maintenance requests and financials, as well as repair and maintenance updates directly from your North Jersey Property Management Team.
  • Bills and Vendor disbursement by bank transfer
  • Monthly disbursements to owners by bank transfer for faster funds
  • Reconciliation of security deposits at the end of the lease

North Jersey Property Management retains local, trusted vendors most of whom have come from you, the property owner, as referrals. Century 21 Professional Realtors passes these costs through directly to you without any “mark up” to you.  North Jersey Property Management and Century 21 Professional Realtors expects our vendors to be fair, honest and to provide the highest level of workmanship at all times.  If you have a vendor you trust and would recommend we would love to sit down with them.

Sounds good, right? But, what does it cost?
Only $100 per month, per unit (Discounts available for multiple units)

Let that sink in, only $100 per month, per unit.
Your time is worth more than that! Not to mention the convenience!

How can North Jersey Property Management provide all these services at such a low fee?

  • We are experienced, we are trained, and we have systems in place, like our automated rent collection and vendor/landlord payment system, that provide efficiencies not available to the individual owner.
  • We are professionals – When you use our property management and leasing service, you get our teams years of knowledge and real estate experience. That experience guarantees that you get the highest possible return on investment, and the smoothest process from rent to lease.
  • We Are Licensed Brokers. Your Century 21 Professional Realty/North Jersey Property Management Staff are experienced, local, licensed Realtors bound by a code of ethics.

Everything is spelled out in black and white in our Property Management Agreement.  Century 21 Professional Realtors does not get paid until we have secured a qualified tenant and collected the first month’s rent.  There are no hidden fees and no non-refundable set-up costs. This goes for the tenant as well, once the application fee, which covers the electronic background check, is paid, there are no further charges to the tenant.  No set up fee or administrative fee is charged, ever.  Century 21 Professional Realtors will never charge a prospect a fee we believe may get between your property and a qualified tenant.

Look at our Property Management Agreement.  Then call North Jersey Property Management to answer any questions and address any concerns.  Let’s put you on the road to Easy Street today!